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It is essential that your financial strategy is reviewed and refined regularly to ensure you stay on track and that your goals are achieved. Your plan should be adjusted to take into account changes in your personal circumstances and/or objectives, the economy, investment markets, and legislative changes (including tax and superannuation) and to enable you to take advantage of effective new strategies which will suit your objectives.


Depending on our clients individual circumstances and preferences, we use a variety investment structures including

  • wholesale managed funds either through a platform (wrap) structure or directly through the fund manager
  • direct shares and other listed securities
  • structured investments

CWS has no ties to any one Wrap platform provider instead using the one that is most appropriate for our clients individual circumstance.


Planning for your financial future should be a positive experience and that's where we can assist. We can help you work through your financial goals and objectives to identify your options and provide you with tailored solutions. By taking control, you increase the likelihood that you will achieve your financial goals.

No obligation, just an offer to see how we can assist.


We select a range of managed funds or direct investments that, overall, are in line with your investment profiles, time horizons and are diversified both with regard to Asset Classes and Fund Managers.

Within these constraints we also base our choices on the following criteria-


Fund Managers that have a proven track record of above average results, and who we feel will continue to provide above average results for you over the foreseeable future.

Funds are generally sector based to be able to provide the ‘best of breed' in each sector.


Within each portfolio we choose short, medium and long-term investments to align with your short, medium and long term needs.

Liquidity is important, especially with the short term funds.

For the more volatile sectors (property and shares) we use more than one fund to provide you with diversity of Manager Style.

The portfolio is designed to be durable; that is we feel that the recommended funds, as a package, can remain as is over at least a 3-year period.

As the future unfolds investment conditions will change. When this happens we need to review the portfolio and recommend changes we believe appropriate for a revised view of the foreseeable future.

What is important in the portfolio is the overall mix of funds rather than each fund individually. An example here is that we have chosen more than one kind of equity manager. We find that, during different market cycles, different types of Fund Managers perform better than others. So, at any one time, you may have a performing Fund Manager and one not so performing. It is important not to over-react to this situation as markets can change rapidly and you may miss out on a market jump.


You've built your career to a point where you are really starting to make some headway. Life is getting busy though - a new relationship, starting a family and raising the kids - not to mention committing to and paying off that mortgage.


A good financial plan, designed to build and preserve capital, is of little value if it does not provide financial protection in the event that your income ceases.


Talk about change - you've seen it all, and what you haven't seen isn't worth seeing. You've raised the kids, helped them move out of home (and back in again at least twice) and worked hard to get them married and settled.


It is essential that your financial strategy is reviewed and refined regularly to ensure you stay on track and that your goals are achieved. Your plan should be adjusted to take into account changes.

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